Sarah S

Meet Sarah Pevonia's Despatch Operative...

Tell us a bit about yourself Sarah?

I was born and bred in Ipswich, Suffolk, and am a youthful 45 years old. I am also deaf, and have been for 42 years. In 2012 I had Colhear implants and for the first time in my life, I could hear the world, it was simply amazing!

I have one big brother and went to boarding school when I was 11 years old, in Great Yarmouth and then in London, until I was 16.

What’s your area of expertise?

I love caring for people, and am a very hard worker. I am also very creative and love making cards, which is one of my hobbies.

Do you have a personal skincare tip to share?

Cleansing, I always remember to do this morning and night. Also, Collagen is my favourite ingredient!

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?

Don’t forget to cleanse!

What goes on in your average day at Pevonia?

I have been working part-time since April, before then I was full-time for 15 years. However, my daily routine hasn’t changed. I pick out the Pevonia products for our customers, clients and salons and package them up.

Desert Island Disc?

Well…I love Shakin Stevens since I was a teenager, I could never hear him, but I loved the way he danced! Since I had the implants, I really like UB40. Red Wine is my favourite song.

Last meal?

Chicken Casserole made in a slow cooker

Pevonia is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot?

My home town, Ipswich. There is plenty to see and do, plus I know it so well.

Describe your perfect day?

My perfect day would be walking my little sausage dog Sasha up to the park, beach, or to be honest, anywhere! She loves her walks, and so do