Tell us a bit about yourself Danny?

I have lived in Ipswich, Suffolk, all my life and have never left! Since leaving school I have worked in retail, IT support, radio and web! In my working life, I have been responsible for training apprentices and handling IT queries for hotels. I volunteer to build websites for local non-profits, one of which was for a local karate club I was once a member of! These days, I can be found on the radio when I am not building websites. I joined Pevonia in 2016 as a Web Developer and am really enjoying the role - I enjoy working with the team on what is, simply put, “something amazing” (that’s all I can say for now though!)

I guess you could say I’m an all-round geek but its polite not to! I live and breathe tech, music and broadcasting, and love the web!

What’s your area of expertise?

I have 2! I love to build websites and broadcast! I would say, I’ve been building websites longer than I have been on air so I’m a little bit of a web guru! My area of expertise would be to combine the two but I’m not too sure that’s physically possible…

Do you have a personal beauty tip to share?

I’m sure if you had a tip from me once you won’t do it again! A good personal tip though is drink plenty of water, sounds really simple but it works so well, especially in the summer!

What is your favourite Pevonia product?

This is a hard one, do I have to choose....? Ok then, I’ll admit it… Grey Bathrobe! So soft & cosy!

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?

Anything false!

What goes on in your average day at Pevonia?

No 2 days are the same. There are a lot of aspects to building the websites, including constant maintenance! There’s always lots to do to ensure we deliver the web interface that we do!

Desert Island Disc?

Disc? I would rather take a radio with me (at least then I can tell what the weather will be like) but if it had to be a disc I would probably choose Now 67, I got it in high school!

Last meal?

Fish and Chips!

Pevonia is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot?

Abbey Gardens in Bury St. Edmunds

Describe your perfect day?

A full English breakfast, a trip to Bury St. Edmunds and then a nice chilled evening in!