Rebecca Selway aka Bex, is our creative wiz and events photographer at Pevonia.

Tell us a bit about yourself Bex?

I was born in Hertfordshire and moved up to Suffolk with my family in 2006. I finished Sixth Form in 2011 and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next; whether to go to university or not. My passion lies in Art and Design and I applied for various Art Degrees and was delighted to be offered places at all. However, my heart was not entirely sure if I wanted to spend a year doing what I felt would be exploring various Art mediums all over again, when I would have been happy to broaden my Photography, Drawing and Painting. So, I decided to find a temporary job and waitressed in a restaurant for a few months. I was then offered an interview here at Pevonia as a Maternity cover for Amy in Customer Care! After nearly 2 years in Customer Care, I made my way into the Marketing Department, and now, the Marketing Co-ordinator role, which I really enjoy! At the weekends you’ll currently find me renovating our new house with my boyfriend, walking my dogs or riding my horse!

What’s your area of expertise?

Anything Design-based; product imagery, displays, posters, leaflets, creative artwork, photography… I am self-taught in Photoshop and am constantly learning new techniques. I’ve also grown to love Quark!

Do you have a personal beauty tip to share?

I always think that giving your skin a break from makeup does a lot of good; I do love makeup, but I equally love not wearing it, particularly at the weekend. I feel it gives your skin the chance to rebalance – not to mention the pampering you can do at home, like a deep exfoliating treatment and mask! One of my must-have products in my makeup bag is a clear mascara from a drugstore, which costs around £1.99 – it is the ideal brow tamer!

What is your favourite Pevonia product?

I cannot be without my Soothing Propolis Concentrate! I find it has a fantastic ability at comforting and balancing my skin. I really feel as though my dry skin drinks it in and it helps control breakouts. I try and eek the product out for as long as possible – luckily one pump goes a long way but I’d love a litre of the Soothing Propolis Concentrate! I find the scent it lovely too.

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?

I’m an avid hockey player and cannot stand it when girls turn up to play with their hair flailing around everywhere! It can’t be practical, surely! Sport gives you the opportunity to try different ways of plaiting and tying up your hair; I find it’s really fun to experiment! I have a thing about brows too – a lady with perfectly threaded and filled in brows is after my heart, but those who over-pluck or draw them on terribly, please stop!

What does your job entail at Pevonia?

You’ll often see me pop up at Pevonia Seminars for launches of our exciting new products where I will be photographing the event. I design artwork for social media and competitions, in addition to assisting in maintaining the Pevonia website. I also collate the nominations for our annual Spa/Salon Awards.

Desert Island Disc?

I think music has a great ability of transporting you back in time to various places where you listened to it and evokes so many emotions. I have to say, Nickleback are my all-time favourite! Whether I’m on a run listening to them or mowing the lawn, it always makes me happy and want to sing along. I also love Linkin Park – my sister introduced me to them years ago, so I know a lot of their old stuff, but their new songs are equally as good and unique – they’re great to listen to before a hockey match! I’m also a big fan of Blink 182 – think I’d need to take an iPod to this Desert, instead of just one CD!

Last meal?

Pub food is my weakness, particularly a homemade burger and crispy, chunky chips! I’m not a huge fan of spicy food, but my Grandfather was from Goa, so I think that explains my love of Curry!

Pevonia is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot?

I have a horse called Mayo who has been a part of my family since I was 4, so having had him for 18 years, he’s very dear to me. My favourite place to be is anywhere with him – I love seeing him after work; there’s no better way to end the day than with a lovely hack around some glorious fields in the summer!

Describe your perfect day?

Coming home to the happy faces and wagging tails of my dogs is the best feeling – even if you have a bad day, they always manage to cheer you up and make you laugh. I have two yellow Labradors and a Terrier X, who get up to many comical antics – Chester in particular has acquired a taste for Bananas, which he steals from my bag if I’m not careful! Sunny days always lift my spirits too and I love being outside. I’m also a lover of films, so a trip to the Cinema is ideal, as long as the Popcorn is good!