The lovely Amy Boseley knows our beautiful products inside-out! Those calling the Pevonia customer care centre may have had the pleasure of Amy answering your queries and questions, plus being given the odd hint and tip too…

Tell us a bit about yourself Amy?

Born and bred in Suffolk, I have worked for Pevonia for well over 12 years, so part of the furniture really! I trained as a Beauty therapist at West Suffolk College and had various salon based jobs before joining the company. I spent a year traveling Australia back in 2006-07, and loved it, but missed home and normality. I met my now husband in 2008 and married in 2009 locally. I only work part time now as have a very full-on 3 year old son Tomas, who keeps me busy the rest of the time!

What’s your area of expertise?

A little bit of everything...

Do you have a personal beauty tip to share?

Sorry, but I am quite a stickler for early to bed (the girls in the office think we're crazy as by 8.30, our house it is all quiet with light off) and also drinking plenty of water! You won't often see me without a bottle.

What is your favourite Pevonia product?

Mine would have to be the Phyto-Aromatic mist. I absolutely love the smell, my skin became quite dehydrated earlier in the year and this really improved it. Tomas loves to use it too after washing his face!

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?

Too much make-up and bad application! It really isn't necessary.

What goes on in your average day at Pevonia UK?

No day is ever the same here, ploughing through emails and responding to customers, checking orders to ensure they go out correctly. Time really does fly and the to-do-list grows hourly!

Desert Island Disc?

I have a lot of albums that I love, but have amazing memories of KONK by the Kooks from my travels in Australia.

Last meal?

Hard to choose – but pancakes with crème fraiche, maple syrup and black cherries (my husband makes the best ones ever!)

Pevonia UK is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot?

It would be a day with family and a picnic, Tomas loves them - but a hard decision between a day in the Forrest with our bikes, or a day on the beach. We have both only a short drive away.

Describe your perfect day?

Sunday with my family, we are always up and about early so a nice breakfast followed by walking our dog Kenton preferably in the sun on the beach - we are spoilt in Suffolk by having so many lovely ones.