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Elite eco-friendly, natural skincare line, Pevonia UK offers over 80 at-home products and more than 50 Professional in-spa treatments.

Pevonia provides effective natural skincare solutions for women, men, teens, and preteens of every skin type and ethnicity. Nature's purest holistic botanical and marine elements synergise with high-tech manufacturing to deliver remarkable visible results.

Pevonia spas are distinguished from any other as incomparable sanctuaries of physical and sensual enrichment, offering enhanced experiences that dynamically treat both inside and out. Pevonia provides spas with progressive knowledge and advanced techniques that effectively reveal the visible results of the repairing and rejuvenating actives found within their award-winning skincare ranges.

The Complete Spa Service offered by Pevonia is a fully customisable and flexible network that provides enterprise development solutions for the spa, medi-spa and salon industry under one trusted global brand. Catering to every possible business need, Pevonia offers tailored guidance every step of the way.

Unwavering support for individual spa development and care makes Pevonia the natural choice for lasting professional success.

Results wrapped in luxury.




The name Pevonia stems from Greek mythology.

Legend has it that the gods' physician, Paion, discovered peonia – exquisite flowers filled with a magical essence. Once extracted, its purity and power could miraculously cure a number of ills. And so the legend grew...

When husband-and-wife team Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy launched Pevonia in October 1991, little did they realise how quickly it would become one of the premier skin, body and spa lines both nationally and internationally. It now boasts more than 50% of the professional skincare market in the USA – and is distributed in more than 95 countries worldwide.

Pevonia was launched in the UK in April 1999 and is counted as the leading spa range. We believe Pevonia UK is instrumental in developing the spa market in the UK. We developed our own spa consultancy division and started to create our perfect spa environments. We do not believe in mass market; our philosophy is quality NOT quantity. Partnership is important to us hence our reputation for ongoing after-sales and support goes before us, which is coupled with treatment and product excellence.

Always researching...always implementing.




  • Pevonia contains no artificial fragrance, no alcohol, no chemical filters, no mineral oil, no lanolin nor PABA and is non-comedogenic.
  • Eco-friendly products and packaging, non-animal tested, scientific testing process for complete skin tolerance, product safety and confirmed proven results.
  • Every sensitiser and photo-sensitiser has been meticulously eliminated.
  • The purity and perfection of Pevonia's full range of ecologically-balanced, natural products bring ageless beauty from the spa to your face and body everyday.
  • Each and every pore of your skin is drenched with nature's most selective, unadulterated plant extracts.
  • Choose Pevonia for its outstanding qualities, services, standards and commitment.
  • Top marketing and promotional strategies with award-winning support programme.
  • Pevonia is more than just a product...back up, service, support and education which is exemplary.
  • Outstanding results...the natural way.
  • Whatever your skincare concerns, Pevonia has the answer.

Offering over 80 specialised home care products and more than 50 professional in-spa treatments, Pevonia provides effective skincare solutions for men and women of every age and ethnicity.

Pevonia maintains a principal role in the creation of advanced manufacturing and technological processes that keep the business on the cutting edge of skin care innovation. Home to the world's leading skin experts, Pevonia embodies a fresh, vibrant, dynamic approach that continually exceeds customer and industry expectations.

Outstanding Results...Pevonia has heard and acknowledged the growing consumer demand for natural products. As a pioneer in the spa industry, the brand leads the way toward naturally green, cruelty-free product formulations, while still delivering exceptional skincare results. Free from parabens, alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, PABA, artificial colors, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, and urea, Pevonia has a passionate commitment to help saving the earth.

Whatever your skincare concerns...Pevonia has the answer.

Pevonia Consultancy provides a comprehensive range of services at a very high level of professionalism.
Interpreting, developing and implementing the client's brief and requirements into a reality which is innovative, competitive and profitable.

We can take on the responsibility for the overall management of all new projects and the commercial success of present contracts. We can cover all aspects of concept design, technical services, health and safety, recruitment and pre-opening programme.

Pevonia provides consultancy services to develop spas in a wide range of leisure projects, including:

Health Club & Spas
Day Spas
City Centre Hotels
Resort Hotels
Golf & Country Clubs
Residential Health Resorts

Our services fall into five distinct stages; tailor made to suit the client's needs:

Initial Site Visit and Recommendations
Concept and Design Brief
Operational Commissioning
Ongoing Consultancy
Pevonia Consultancy has a leading team of professionals whose experience as operators gives them hands on management experience; essential in order to develop new Spas and Health Clubs for a wide and varied client base.

Flexibility is the key to the delivery of our services.