Please be aware that the final day to order for Christmas delivery is 2pm on Wednesday 19th December, however please be advised that we cannot guarantee your order will arrive before Christmas. Pevonia UK HQ will be closed from 4pm on the 21st December and will reopen on the 3rd January 2019, any orders placed during this time won’t be despatched until the offices reopen.


Bubble Bath/Shower Gel - Pineapple & Coconut

Indulge in the pleasure of a fruit scented bubble bath/shower gel and let stress and tension melt aw..

Body Moisturiser - Pineapple & Coconut

The Pineapple & Coconut Body Moisturizer hydrates, renews, and protects the skin with a rejuvena..

Bath Salts - Pineapple & Coconut

Drench your skin with mineralizing and repairing anti-stress Pineapple & Coconut essential oils ..

Bubble Bath/Shower Gel - Peach & Vanilla

The Peach & Vanilla Bubble Bath/Shower Gel is scented with an uplifting, smooth, sweet scent. Va..

Body Moisturiser - Peach & Vanilla

The Peach & Vanilla Body Moisturizer is rich in healthy vitamins such as Vitamin C. It contains ..

Bath Salts - Peach & Vanilla

The Peach & Vanilla Bath Salts repair your skin with brightening and hydrating anti-stress essen..

Bubble Bath/Shower Gel - Jasmine & Lavender

The Jasmine & Lavender Bubble Bath/Shower Gel is garden scented with flower extracts that calm a..

Body Moisturiser - Jasmine & Lavender

Moisturize, renew, and protect the skin with a body moisturizer that contains high performing aromat..

Bath Salts - Jasmine & Lavender

Drench your skin with hydrating and soothing anti-stress Jasmine & Lavender essential oils and d..

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