• EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age

EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age

In today’s tech-savvy culture, prolonged visual exposure causes digital eye strain that takes a toll on our fragile eye zone. When combined with other factors such as lack of sleep, ageing, harsh beauty products, the environment and stress, the result is often weary, dry and age-revealing eyes. 


In today’s tech-savvy culture, prolonged visual exposure causes digital eye strain that takes a toll on our fragile eye zone. When combined with other factors such as lack of sleep, ageing, harsh beauty products, the environment and stress, the result is often weary, dry and age-revealing eyes. 

EyeRenew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment offers the ideal solution with a creamy, lightweight, multi-benefit formula aimed at repairing the eye contour while also refreshing, reviving and renewing. 

Pevonia’s Proprietary EyeAwaken™ Complex unites a natural blend of youth-reviving ingredients such as Plankton, Marine Collagen, Silanetriol, Hyaluronic Acid and more to repair and flawlessly conceal. Featuring advanced manufacturing, this powerhouse Conceal & De-Age Treatment addresses the most common concerns by smoothing crepiness, crow’s feet, and wrinkles while alleviating dark circles and puffiness.

EyeRenew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment provides a flawless look as it refreshes, revives and renews this delicate area. Recommended for all skin types.

    • Increases collagen and elastin synthesis
      • Reduces puffiness and discolorations
        • Anti-ageing
          • Skin plumper
            • Deeply hydrates and smooths lines and wrinkles
              • Provides hydration and moisture bond
                • Oil-free mineral tint
                  • Conceals dark circles
                    • Diminishes redness
                      • All this in just one application!
                        • Perfect for on-the-go
                          • Small enought to be packed in a purse/clutch
                            • Super quick for whenever your eyes need a pick me up

                            After cleansing the skin with your ideal Pevonia Cleanser and Toner, apply a small quantity of Eye-Renew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment on the eye contour and blend to perfection. Apply morning or evening, or when needed. Recommended for all skin types.

                            All Ingredients

                            WATER (AQUA)

                            Origin: Pure water.

                            Function: Solvent.

                            Definition: Essential substance and component of all living cells, chemically known as H2O. Aqua is its Latin name. Pevonia uses only high grade purified, de-ionized, sterilised, mineral-and-chemicals-free water in all water-based formulations.

                            CAPRYLIC/ CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE

                            Origin: From coconut.

                            Function: Emollient and stabiliser.

                            Definition: Highly refined medium chain triglyceride oil possessing excellent oxidation stability with an almost indefinite shelf life.





                            TITANIUM DIOXIDE

                            Origin: Natural oxide of titanium mineral.

                            Function: Sunscreen, Colorant.

                            Definition: FDA-approved, physical sunscreen that scatters UV light. Titanium Dioxide is used alone or in combination with chemical sunscreens. It is used in skincare creams, make-up bases and daytime moisturisers for sun protection also to provide a white colour base to cosmetic preparations.


                            Origin: Natural silica mineral. Pharmaceutical grade purity.

                            Function: Emulsifier.

                            Definition: A natural silica gel emulsifying agent

                            MARINE COLLAGEN

                            Origin: White Teleost fish.

                            Function: Humectant.

                            Definition: Marine-derived essential structural skin protein [collagen] used in anti-aging preparations. Collagen is used for its water binding and moisturizing properties.


                            Origin: Derived form sugar and vegetal oils.

                            Function: Humectant.

                            Definition: Sweet syrupy trihydroxy alcohol obtained by saponification of fats and oils.

                            PLANKTON EXTRACT

                            Origin: T enerife, a volcanic Spanish island

                            Function: Reduces puffiness and dark eye circles. Smoothes eye wrinkles and 

                            Definition: A natural compound of beneficial microorganisms that inhabit Earth’s waters.


                            Origin: Natural silica mineral

                            Function: Stimulates collagen & elastin synthesis

                            Definition: An extract from organic natural silica mineral from earth- it is a component of the extracellular matrix; found in collagen and elastin


                            Origin: Sugar beets.

                            Function: Humectant. Water binder.

                            Definition: A non-sulfated high molecular weight glycosaminoglycan present in organic tissues. In the Freeze Dried Powder, Hyaluronic acid is subject to the action of hydrolytic enzymes and then desiccated.

                            POLYGLYCERYL-3 DIISOSTEARATE

                            Origin: Natural fatty acids from plants.

                            Function: Emollient.

                            Definition: Hydroxyl compound often used as an emollient or surfactant

                            GLYCERYL STEARATE

                            Origin: Soybean oil.

                            Function: Emulsifier.

                            Definition: Type of compound produced from fatty acids and glycerin.


                            Origin: Oxide of silicon found in nature in several forms including flint, quartz, and opal.

                            Function: Carrier.

                            Definition: Silica is also known as silicon dioxide. A hypoallergenic and highly absorbent earth mineral used to improve agent vehiculization within emulsions, also improving the feel of the formulation. May absorb oil from skin surface.

                            IRON OXIDE

                            Origin: From iron mineral. Widespread.

                            Function: Colorant.

                            Definition: Natural earth metal pigment formed through oxidation.

                            HYDROXYETHYL CELLULOSE

                            Origin: Natural cellulose.

                            Function: Thickener.

                            Definition: A nonionic polymer which helps modify viscosity and form gels with water - soluble ingredients.


                            Origin: Sugar.

                            Function: Natural preservative; Shelf-life extender.

                            Definition: Broad range germicidal and fungicidal agent, used in various skincare formulations.

                            CAPRYL GLYCOL

                            Origin: From coconut oil.

                            Function: Emollient and preservative action.

                            Definition: Skin-conditioning agent and shelf life extender.


                            Origin: Vegetal glycerin.

                            Function: Skin conditioning agent. Natural booster for bactericidal agents.

                            Definition: Skin conditioning agent.

                            HEXYLENE GLYCOL

                            Origin: Natural Sugars.

                            Function: Solubiliser, binder.

                            Definition: A humectant binder, solvent, viscosity agent, and softener.

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