The BodyRenew™ Bathing Pleasures collection features bath salts, bubble bath, and a body moisturiser in three blissful natural scents to address specific skin concerns.

Awaken your senses and choose from three blissful scents depending on your mood and skincare concerns: Jasmine & Lavender, Peach & Vanilla, and Pineapple & Coconut.

Bubble Bath/Shower Gel - Pineapple & Coconut

Indulge in the pleasure of a fruit scented bubble bath/shower gel and let stress and tension melt aw..

Body Moisturiser - Pineapple & Coconut

The Pineapple & Coconut Body Moisturizer hydrates, renews, and protects the skin with a rejuvena..

Bath Salts - Pineapple & Coconut

Drench your skin with mineralizing and repairing anti-stress Pineapple & Coconut essential oils ..

Bubble Bath/Shower Gel - Peach & Vanilla

The Peach & Vanilla Bubble Bath/Shower Gel is scented with an uplifting, smooth, sweet scent. Va..

Body Moisturiser - Peach & Vanilla

The Peach & Vanilla Body Moisturizer is rich in healthy vitamins such as Vitamin C. It contains ..

Bath Salts - Peach & Vanilla

The Peach & Vanilla Bath Salts repair your skin with brightening and hydrating anti-stress essen..

Bubble Bath/Shower Gel - Jasmine & Lavender

The Jasmine & Lavender Bubble Bath/Shower Gel is garden scented with flower extracts that calm a..

Body Moisturiser - Jasmine & Lavender

Moisturize, renew, and protect the skin with a body moisturizer that contains high performing aromat..

Bath Salts - Jasmine & Lavender

Drench your skin with hydrating and soothing anti-stress Jasmine & Lavender essential oils and d..

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