Pevonia’s Acne line has been meticulously eradicated of all known allergies and irritants; 100% watersoluble and non-comodogenic with many of nature’s most healing ingredients, the acne/problematic range will effectively deal with mild to intense skin.

There are multiple types of acne scars that leave sudden indentations in the skin. Acne scar treatment does not have to be costly. The best way to reduce acne scarring is to follow a strict cleansing regime during the acne stage and resisting temptation to manipulate the breakouts. Natural healing elements such as Propolis and Shea Butter can help the skin to recover. It can also be helped by an ingredient called Glycolic acid, this helps to improve the skin’s texture and appearance by reducing scarring, which can occur if squeezing or picking has taken place.

Here are our top products and in-spa treatment to help reduce imperfections left behind from the effects of Acne:


Pevonia’s Resurfacing Glycocides Cream contains Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Chamomile, which enables this highly smoothing formula to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and acne scaring, leaving skin rejuvenated, hydrated and

soft. The glycolic acid works to loosen dead cells’ bond preventing epidermal thickening and promoting a gradual daily exfoliation. Smoothing skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and scaring.

The Age-Correction Firming Marine Elastin Cream is a fine textured cream, which works on preserving and improving skin elasticity and tightness. Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane and Aloe provide the perfect combination for delivering results. With UV protection, it is recommended for all skin types with lack of elasticity and those with scarring.

The Micro-Poes Refine Cream seals in the serum, protecting the skin to deliver an extra dose of de-ageing, pore-refining actives. Whilst this mattifying cream minimises enlarged pores it also evens the complexion and texture. This line is ideal for those concerned with oily skin, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, dehydration, lines and wrinkles but is also ideal for post-acneic skin and light scarring.

The Micro-Pores Bio-Active Serum is bursting with concentrated actives that work deep within hair follicles to reduce oil production, tighten the pores and mattify the skin. It minimises enlarged pores, whilst smoothing the complexion for a  more even texture. Suitable for anyone concerned with oily skin, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture, dehydration, lines and wrinkles but is also ideal for post-acneic skin and light scarring.

You’ll fall in love with Pevonia’s Micro-Pores Bio-Active Mask. This at-home pore-refining mask is a pore-control booster treatment that absorbs excess oil leaving the skin matte and evenly toned. Red Clover Flower Extract contains Biochanin A which is an intrinsic active known for tightening pores. It also contains the essential protein, Marine Elastin to firm the skin. Use once-twice a week to repair skin imperfections and light scarring.


Professional treatments are designed to control acne/problematic skin conditions, preventing the spread of bacteria while simultaneously inhibiting its growth.

Luminous Skin & Refined Pores: Micro-Pores™ Bio-Active Complexion Perfection

Recommended for dehydrated, oily, combination and mature skin types with dilated pored and/or skin imperfections. Also for post-acneic skin and light scarring.

  • Reduces the appearance of dilated pores and light scarring
  • Renders the skin ultra-matte and luminous
  • Evens skin complexion and visibly minimises pores
  • Delivers intense hydration

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