What is Rosa Gallica Flower Oil?

What is Rosa Gallica Flower Oil?

By Annie Brown

What is Rosa Gallica Flower Oil?

Rosa Gallica Flower Oil derives from the Rosa Gallica plant, known for its beauty and sweet-smelling scent. This flowering plant has intensely-coloured, non-recurrent flowers and blooms in the wild throughout Europe.

It’s been cultivated for cosmetic and medicinal purposes since the 13th-Century and since the flowers of the plant are non-recurrent, the petals must be picked when in season.

Also known as the “apothecary’s rose”, the essential oils of this flower have long been known to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments. Rosa Gallica Flower Oil is often used as an anti-depressant in Aromatherapy and the aroma can be inhaled directly, or the oil can be mixed into candles and candle wicks to provide a long-lasting beneficial air freshener. This practice dates at least as far back as the Middle-Ages.

How can Rosa Gallica Flower Oil help my skin?

Rosa Gallica Flower Oil is extracted from the petals and is a very beneficial external tonic that can be used to soothe and calm irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does it help treat redness and inflammation, (an excellent ingredient for rosacea suffers) it can also help to refine skin texture, reduce wrinkles, heal bruises faster, or as a general skin care product.

With its complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Rosa Gallica flower Oil is also an effective emollient, helping to nourish and moisturise dry, irritated skin.  When used in this way, it can also treat Eczema and Acne and has the added bonus of being an effective anti-bacterial agent.


Professional Spa/Salon Treatments

Rosacea Mask Treatment – 1 Hour

Fragile skin is treated to all of the relief and repair that green tea, liquorice, and French rose have to offer. This facial soothes the skin, eases blotchiness, and reduces redness. An ideal treatment for all microcirculation problems and hypersensitive skin conditions, specifically: Couperose, Erythrose, Erythrocouperose and Rosacea.

 At Home Products include:                           

RS2 Line

RS2 Gentle Cleanser

RS2 Gentle Lotion

RS2 Care Cream

RS2 Concentrate

Dry Line

Dry Skin Cleanser

Sensitive Line

Sensitive Skin Lotion

Special Line

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Reactive Skin Care Cream

Sun Care Line

Hydrating Sunscreen SPF30

Phyto-Aromatic Mist

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