Summer Skin Savvy with Pevonia

Summer Skin Savvy with Pevonia

When the sun shines it certainly makes us feel better. Not only is it a mood enhancer, it is essential for life whether it’s human or plant, however, we can have too much of a good thing. Like all good thing, everything in moderation, but we must be sensible in the sun, especially when it comes to our skin.

With Pevonia’s Summer Skin Savvy guide, you can still enjoy the benefits of the sun while avoiding as many of its damaging effects as possible:

What are UV rays?

UV rays from the sun will tan and burn by penetrating the skin and stimulating the pigment found inside it called melanin. Melanin has the task of absorbing and scattering UV rays to provide natural protection against their harmful effects. However, it can only to this to a certain degree; that is why a sunscreen is still essential regardless of skin type and colour.

UV stands for Ultra Violet, and there are 3 types of UV rays:

UVA - Ageing: Responsible for the formation of free radicals and photo-allergic reactions.

UVB – Burning: Responsible for sunburn.

UVC – Cancer: Main cause of sunburn (allows UVB rays in) and the development of skin cancer.

SPF – What does it Mean?

Sun Protection Factor and indicates the level of protection that a product will provide against UV damage; for example, using an SPF 15 will protect you from burning 15 times longer than unprotected skin. At the other end of the protection spectrum, it’s best to avoid very high SPFs such as 40 or 60 as the benefits are minimal; they are likely to contain layered chemicals and are more liable to cause an allergic reaction. An SPF of 30 is highly recommended as a more than adequate protection level for all skin tones.

Beautiful Protected Skin

Using skincare products with an SPF is so important, ensuring your skin, especially on your face, is protected and nourished. Pevonia’s new YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30, is the ultimate 5-in-1 daily defence moisturiser. Utilising powerful natural and organic ingredients, this UV busting formula delivers instant radiance in five seconds while also providing significant anti-ageing benefits, ultra-hydration, broad spectrum protection and a natural, soft tint for a flawless, healthy complexion. 

Using delicate and soothing natural ingredients such as Sea Whip Extract, Shea Butter, Marine Collagen, Vitamin C and Green Olive, skin will be deeply healed, hydrated, rejuvenated and inflammation reduced, for utterly flawless and refreshed results.


By the time the sun sets, proper home care is necessary for additional prevention and protection.  Hydrating products should be regularly applied to the sun-exposed skin. When dealing with sunburn, do not apply ice-cold packs, talcum powder and alcohol-based products directly to the skin. They might provide initial relief but can cause more discomfort afterwards as well as dehydrate the skin with the consequence of delaying natural healing.

Calm and soothe damaged skin with proven botanicals including cooling Green Tea, Chamomile and Water Lily extract. These ingredients are renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties.

The painful, external effects of sunburn often mean the potential for serious internal consequences, including heat stroke, are forgotten about. Remember to drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee and smoking after any kind of negative reaction to the sun.

As well as good skincare, basic lifestyle steps to follow to avoid excessive sun damage include:

● Avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible, especially between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

● Hydrate your skin by drinking water and moisturising topically with appropriate sunscreen products before going outdoors.

● Apply a broad-spectrum high-quality sunscreen and/or YouthRenew, with at least a minimum SPF 15 (SPF 30 is highly recommended) at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

● Wear a wide-brimmed hat.

● Wear high-quality UV-proof sunglasses to avoid damaging the eyes.

● Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. Reapply more often when perspiring and/or swimming.

● Continue drinking hydrating liquids throughout the day.

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