Safflower Oil - Ingredient of the Month

Safflower Oil - Ingredient of the Month

What is it?

Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) is an annual, thistle-like plant with many branches, the plants are 30 to 150 cm tall with circular flower heads having yellow, orange, or red flowers. Safflower is primarily used for its oil which is extracted from the seeds, Safflower Oil is an unsaturated oil from which contains beneficial fatty acids, primarily linolenic acid.

How can Safflower Oil help my skin?

Safflower oil is found to be ideal for improving the quality, texture and tone of skin due to the abundance of linoleic acid which is vital for healthy skin. 

The high content of linoleic acid in safflower oil makes it ideal for boosting the quality and appearance of your skin. This non-occlusive emollient allows skin to breath whilst preserving the skin’s natural barrier to soften and smooth dry areas whilst revitalising, hydrating and preventing moisture loss. Linoleic acts as a lubricant that prevents water from leaving your skin, and therefore locks in moisture for beautiful, healthy skin.

Safflower Oil is suitable for all skin types, with another of its benefits being able to help with acne prone skin. Linoleic acid is lacking in the oil of acne-prone skin and can combine with sebum to unclog the pores and reduce blackheads, as well as acne, which is a result of sebum build-up under the skin. Furthermore, linoleic acid stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, meaning that it helps to clear up scars and other blemishes from the surface of the skin for an even and glowing complexion. 

Which Pevonia products contain Safflower Oil?

This dynamite ingredient, and its benefits can also be found in many of Pevonia’s skincare lines, including the award-winning lumafirm® Line:

Home-Use Products

lumafirm® Body Moisturizer

Based on the award-winning lumafirm® facial line, the lumafirm® body line is an innovative blend of fast acting actives within advanced delivery systems that work deep within the skin for extraordinary targeted repair. lumafirm® Body Moisturizer lavishes skin with an enticing, refreshing aroma as it quickly absorbs and drenches skin with continuous repair and rejuvenation. Priced at £68 for 120ml.

lumafirm® Repair Cream

Proven to perform, this powerhouse repair cream is a definite answer to every consumer’s quest for immediate and highly visible skincare results. Formulated with a select collection of the latest high-tech cosmetic ingredients with the most advanced manufacturing and delivery systems, lumafirm™ Repair Cream truly embodies the essence of its name with a trilogy of performance: repair, lift, and glow. Priced at £78 for 50ml

Spa Treatments

Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow Wrap

Feel confident and look your very best with this enriching wrap which contains 26 dynamic ingredients including an exclusive combination of anti-ageing extracts; the latest in peptides, and an amazing liposomic technology. Deeply repairing, hydrating, smoothing and de-ageing, this luxurious wrap leaves every inch of your skin velvety soft while rendering your body visibly rejuvenated, instantly firmer and more toned.  Experience the visible difference for yourself with this 1 hour treatment which is priced 


  • Tightens the skin, improves skin texture, and reduces wrinkles
  • Promotes an instantly luminous and even complexion, delivers an immediate brightening effect
  • Repairs and redefines facial contour, increases skin elasticity and firmness, restores a healthy glow
  • Increases skin’s elasticity, firmness
  • Fights lack of elasticity, anti-ageing


The Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow Wrap are offered at Pevonia spas and the homecare products can be bought from


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