Are you prepared for summer?

Are you prepared for summer?

With my holiday starting in just a few weeks, I popped to my local Pevonia spa to prepare my body for exposure to the Mexican skies. Like most people, I’ve been covered up by warm clothes for several months, so need a little assistance to become beach ready.

Recently, I have been lucky enough to experience some wonderful Pevonia body wraps. I am torn between the Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee and Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Body Contouring wraps as my personal favourite. Both were great for improving the look and feel of my skin, and I love anything that targets cellulite. I am ready now to move onto further improvements.

I’d heard wonderful things about Pevonia’s Saltmousse so booked myself in for the Saltmousse-Glow Full Body Exfoliation Treatment. This is an anti-ageing product that refines the skin. French sea salt and organic fruit extracts, enriched in pro-vitamin A and carrot seed oil, recreate a seawater experience. Increased negative ions are released for a healthier body and softer skin. I knew I was in for a treat!

Within the warm and welcoming treatment room, the lights were low, and the music soft and relaxing. My therapist ran through the treatment with me and left me to undress and get comfortable beneath the towels. I had the choice of disposable pants or hanging on to my own. I decided I didn’t mind any fruity smelling products touching my own clothes so left the, still packaged, disposable version for someone else.

My therapist treated my entire body to this wonderful, tropical smelling, polish – feet, legs, arms, hands, stomach, chest, shoulders and back. The Saltmousse itself doesn’t feel too abrasive (as I thought it might) but, when combined with warm water, it felt quite gentle on my skin. Within this clever creation, the salts transform into a mousse-like texture.

Once complete, I rinsed off the delicious smelling product in the shower, before the De-Ageing Body Balm Papaya-Pineapple was applied to each of the same areas. This too has the aroma of a tropical paradise, so I left feeling ready for cocktails by the Caribbean Sea.

Between treatments, I can keep the lovely glow to my skin with Pevonia’s De-Ageing Saltmousse Papaya & Pineapple and De-Ageing Body Balm Papaya & Pineapple. I plan to use the Saltmousse in the shower and apply it with my Pevonia body brush. This will work it into my skin very effectively and I can cover every inch – including the hard to reach back - before rinsing off and completing my new home care routine with the Body Balm.

For details on your local Pevonia spa, please go to Each of the products may be purchased at spas and salons offering Pevonia products or by visiting here.

By Kati Vardon PR & Marketing Executive

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