My New Year Resolutions

My New Year Resolutions


My New Year Resolutions

by Kati Vardon


A Recurring Theme

 Are you one to make a resolution or two for the new year? I tend to have recurring themes that I trot out each January and struggle to maintain. More often than not, since leaving my twenties, fitness and healthy eating have made an appearance. Taking better care of my skin is a more recent one. Of course, I don’t wait for January first to focus on the resolutions, but it is a time I tend to make a concerted effort where needed. I try hard to keep it up, but I am only human . . . .

Faddy Fitness

Late in 2019, I got back into gym membership after a few years of lapsing. At school I played hockey competitively. I then moved on to fitness dance classes, but I am sure there were many years where I didn’t partake in any sports or specific exercise. However, I was very active with jobs requiring to be on my feet for long periods of time.

In my twenties I played squash, attended aerobics and step classes and was regularly seen in the gym. I continued playing squash until I was too large (pregnant) to run around the court. Sadly the club where I was a member was sold and planned fitness stopped.

I toyed with horse-riding when my daughter was young and learnt to sail when my son was a baby. Then I think there were wilderness years when the children were at school, that my main source of exercise was running around after them and going on long walks with my beautiful black labrador. Living in a rural village means a lot of effort is required to attend a gym or exercise classes and working full-time crunches down any free time.

It wasn’t until my son was at high school that I joined a local(ish) gym and attended fitness classes twice a week and the gym itself three times a week. It was a lovely place to be, with some great members and owner, very friendly and supportive. It was just what I needed, I was doing something that fitted in with my job and life in general and I kept that up for a couple of years. Following an operation, I couldn’t exercise for a long period of time, my membership lapsed and I never really got back into the swing again. Then the owner sold up and moved to Thailand and the new management doesn’t offer the classes I liked.

Find Something That’s Right For You

Advancing years, being single with more time on my hands, and the desire to lose half a stone, prompted me to join a club I’d coveted since it opened. There is nothing close to home so attendance takes some effort. However, the place is new, clean and smart. It offers everything I want and a whole lot more, so, I am back into three weekly attendance where I usually complete four classes, attend the gym and the spa. It makes me feel good and I am back to the weight I’m happy with.

So, the moral of the story, if you are looking to make improved health and fitness your resolution, find something you really enjoy and that is right for you. Sometimes it’s just down to timing and trying lots of different things before you find something you’re happy with. For me, it’s discovering the more gentle side of exercise and trying yoga for the first time! Who knew it would be so tricky and such little movement would still feel like a good workout!?

Along with my fitness goals, eating well is firmly on my agenda. Years ago, I went to catering college part-time and have always been a foodie. Now I love researching ingredients and recipes that your body will love you for. You can see our monthly Feed Your Beauty blogs for lots of ideas and inspiration.

Working in the beauty industry is such a treat. My job allows me to carry out research into products and treatments and has had a great effect on my own skincare routine. I can’t believe that years ago, I was the girl that cleaned her teeth, went to bed and removed all make-up with a wipe whilst relaxing under the duvet. Now it’s all done as your beauty therapist would advise you. I have different serums that I use at different times – my winter favourite is retinol and vitamin C at night, and vitamin C in the morning. More about those in other blogs.

It just remains for me to wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2020! Be kind to yourself and others, and practice the type of self-care that works for you.


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