Mother's Day Time To Spa

Mother's Day Time To Spa


By Jane Norman, Pevonia UK PR

One of the lovely things about March, is Mother’s Day. The perfect excuse to celebrate our mums and all they do for us. For those who have lost their mother, it is a time to remember them with a celebration of their life. 

With lockdown still continuing and the not knowing when this might finally be over, it’s even harder not to be able to spend precious time with our mums, especially on Mother’s Day. If your mum is part of your bubble, you’re lucky. I haven’t seen my mum in person for months and I miss her terribly, even though she only lives 20 minutes away. We talk every week on the phone and do the odd FaceTime but it’s not the same. We’ve both had our first CV jabs but we’re playing it safe until the 2nd one.

So, what do I get mum this year for Mother’s Day? I have always got her flowers; she loves them, and you simply can’t go wrong with them, but this year I want her to have a bit of pampering time too. She loves to visit her local salon for regular Pevonia facials, and she has her nails done too (she used to do her own but has the shakes now and can’t so that’s an extra me-treat she has). But since lockdown of course she’s had to forgo these indulgences and I know how much she misses them. Also, whilst she has been retired for some 30 years now, it's been quite a challenge being stuck with Dad 24/7 for the last 11 months and I think this will be a bit of salvation for her! So, I’m going to spoil her with one of Pevonia’s fabulous BodyRenew Bundles. It’s an easy choice for me as mum lives for her garden, so I’m choosing the Garden Flowers scented pack. Mum can’t have a bath due to joint restriction issues, but she loves her morning shower, and she was complaining only the other day during one of our long catch-up phone calls how dry and itchy her skin is.

Jasmine & Lavender BundleThis Jasmine & Lavender trio will be perfect to revitalise her dryness as well as stop that annoying winter itchy-skin feeling. She also suffers from swollen feet (always has) as well as dry, hard skin on her heels, so she can use the bath salts as a foot soak instead, which will calm and soothe the puffiness as well as heal and soften the affected areas. She'll just love the creamy Body Moisturiser too, which she can use all over - including her feet. This particular collection really brings the garden to the spa with the beautiful calming aromas of Jasmine and Lavender which take you to the wonderful haven of the outdoors in spring/summer, whilst the exfoliating sea salt, soothing Aloe, healing Calendula and nourishing Vitamin E bring this collection together for a truly pampering yet results-driven experience.

If the Garden set is not for your mum, there are two other BodyRenew bundles to choose from: Tropical Pineapple & Coconut, or Sweet-Scented Peach & Vanilla.

Pineapple & Coconut BodyRenew Bundle

Pineapple & Coconut Bundle

Transport your mum to a tropical oasis with the Pineapple & Coconut collection. Packed with luscious juicy fruits from the tropics, this is the ultimate way to melt away stress and tension. The delicious scents combine with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to mineralise, brighten and repair, whilst moisturising and protecting for skin wellness.

Peach & Vanilla BundlePeach & Vanilla BodyRenew Bundle

The delectable Peach & Vanilla set is perfect for any mum who has a soft spot for sweet scents. This uplifting collection is bursting with natural extracts to moisturise and brighten the skin whilst protecting it from free-radicals and stress. With added Chamomile and PassionFlower, this is the perfect gift for any mum who deserves time to spa.



Here are some interesting stats regarding Pevonia’s BodyRenew Collections:


Go Green: Taking a bath requires much less water than a long, hot steam shower
Luxuriously Affordable: Taking a bath, while luxurious, is cost effective and is a healthier indulge than eating cake or spending too much money shopping.
Improve Your Mood: Studies have proven that taking a bath improves your mood, attributed by comfort, warmth, and body positioning!
Relieve Skin Conditions: For those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis or other skin conditions, taking a bath may provide relief.
Relieve Pain: Hot baths increase the temperature of muscles, blocking pain.
Sleep Better: Heated baths before bed have proven to assist in dropping your body temperature before bed, and are a way to signal your body to start producing melatonin which will help induce sleep.
Cure A Cold: Taking a bath helps cure the common cold through steam therapy and overall body temperature. Steamy baths help clear nasal passages, and studies have proven that elevated body temperature helps your immune system function better!
Calm Arthritis: A 2012 study has proven that saltwater baths help relieve pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, or lower back issues. Salt baths date back to the 1700’s in Europe, beloved by ancient Greeks.


Fruit extracts contain multiple antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that improve the wellness of body and skin.

Certain fruits possess powerful healing benefits such as the reduction of inflammatory skin conditions and the recovery of skin damage.

Fruit extracts provide an aroma-therapeutic effect which is beneficial to help combat stress, invigorate or change a person’s mood.


Jasmine extract reduces inflammation, moisturises the skin, and is rich in flavonoids (plant antioxidants) that combat free radicals.

Lavender extract’s aromatherapy effect is known universally to promote relaxation while soothing, calming, and can also heal irritated skin.


Pineapple fruit extract is vitamin enriched, has a high mineral content beneficial for the connective tissue, and possesses bromelain: an enzyme that reduces inflammation, heals, brightens and renews the skin.

Coconut extract contains a multitude of skin benefits; it repairs and provides essential lipids that rebuild the acid mantle, protects cell membranes and encourages the healthy physiology of the skin.


Peach & VanillaPeach fruit extract is rich in healthy vitamins, especially vitamin C, minerals, and a powerhouse of essential fatty acids that help the skin retain moisture and maintain elasticity. Lutein and Zeaxanthin, two highly active antioxidants in peach extract reduce inflammation and heal skin lesions.

Vanilla extract, also a natural anti-inflammatory, contains B vitamins to improve skin circulation and reduce sensitivity. The antiseptic benefits within help control skin breakouts, while repairing skin lesions and improving healing.


Body care products often contain high concentrations of perfumes to scent the product. The BodyRenew™ Collection by Pevonia (and all Pevonia products) contain natural fruit extracts or organic essential oils to provide natural aromatics. They are also free of mineral oil, gluten, alcohol, GMO’s and artificial colours.

BodyRenew™ Bubble Baths/Shower Gels use only high-quality Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate as a surfactant. This coconut extract is free from any toxic by-products that are commonly found in other surfactants such as SLS, which has been linked to being a carcinogen, and to cause excessive dryness and skin irritations.

BodyRenew™ packaging is recyclable and is made from recycled materials. It’s chic, vintage, reusable and is the perfect size for home or travel and allows easy viewing of remaining product levels

BodyRenew™ Bath Salts use premium Sea Salt from France to mineralise the skin, providing an infusion of negative ions that neutralise the effects of pollution, stress, and free-radical activity. Enhancing the already mineral-rich natural sea salt, this unique formulation adds a powerhouse ingredient: Atoligomer, a micronised, high concentrate mixture of pure micro minerals for easy absorption. Serving as a natural source of mineral replenishment, Atoligomer infuses the skin with 73 minerals including: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, and many more.

These Aroma-Therapeutic Body Collections make the perfect gift for mum this Mother’s Day – she simply deserves the best.

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