LOVE your BODY – What’s the perfect body care routine?

LOVE your BODY – What’s the perfect body care routine?

LOVE your BODY – What’s the perfect body care routine?

Our bodies are quite simply amazing! Be proud of whatever shape or size you are and treat your gorgeous body to a basic regime which it will thank you for... 

Exfoliate, Cleanse, Moisturise and Protect

Smooth, healthy, beautiful looking skin? Yes Please!

We know beauty starts from the inside out with a good diet and drinking plenty of water, this is vital as our bodies take in all the nutrients and oils from eating well, and it shows up in our skin.

However, there are external things we can do to help the body and skin look it’s best. Try following these four simple steps on a daily basis for an immediate improvement and long-lasting results:     

Dry Body Brushing

This process is crucial to the body care routine as it allows moisturisers and products to penetrate the skin, rather than laying on the build-up of dead and dry skin cells. Body brushing removes this build-up and is actually an old method of exfoliation, but one of the most effective. It’s done by gently brushing dry skin with a firm bristled brush and will clean, stimulate and exfoliate. It’s also highly effective in stimulating pores to eliminate toxins.

Try the Pevonia Body Brush, with natural materials and long handle, it can reach those hard to reach areas such as the back and buttocks.


The next step is the body cleanse. Clean skin is very important but be wary of over cleaning as many soaps create problems when they are overly harsh. Products should remove excess skin cells, grime and excess oils without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Use your product either in an invigorating shower, or, if you need some relaxation, a bath where you can add bath salts or oils if desired. But just remember, not too hot, the skin isn’t fond of it and can be very drying. We recommend the
Spa at Home Stress Away Shower Gel, with ingredients such as brightening Lemon essential oil and soothing aromatic green tea.


Daily hydration is essential, and as the third step, skin will now be needing some extra nourishment. Moisturising will repair, smooth and soften the skin, leaving it looking healthy and feeling silky smooth. Try choosing a moisturiser rich in oils, vitamins and phyto-extracts. The desired results will not only last longer but will help to improve the skin's elasticity. The Preserve Body Moisturiser is one to consider and it’s also a family-friendly product, one for everyone to enjoy.


We all should ensure that sunscreen is part of our regular routine. Yes, even at this time of the year! Consider using products with a minimum of SPF30 with natural ingredients like titanium dioxide. This works by reflecting the sun rays and have been found effective in protecting us against harmful UV rays.  Try Pevonia’s YouthRenew Tinted Cream SPF30 for the face and the Hydrating Sunscreen for the body.


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