Ingredient of the Month - Squalane

Ingredient of the Month - Squalane


What is its Origin?

Pevonia’s 100% pure and highly refined natural Squalane (olive derived) Oil, is extracted from the pits of the sun-drenched Green Olives grown in Spain. 

How can Squalane Oil help my skin?

Squalane Oil contains a unique antioxidant from olives that protects the skin from free-radical damage. Early in life, our bodies produce a small amount of Squalane, however as we age, production begins to decline, and this starts to happen when we are in our 20s. Squalane closely resembles sebum, which is the protective oil secreted by our skin. For our skin to be balanced, hydrated and supple, it is important that the right amount of sebum reaches the skin's surface. Over active sebaceous glands cause an excess of surface oil, while under active sebaceous glands result in skin that feels dry and parched.

Environmental factors, harsh cleansers and dead skin cells which remain on the surface of the skin, can result in a lack of oil on the skins surface, leaving the skin tight and unprotected. When this happens and the skin is lacking in its own protective coating, sebaceous glands go into over drive in an attempt to return the skin to its natural, healthy state. Chemical laden cleansers and pore clogging concealers and makeup disrupt the skin's ability to breathe and shed dead cells. Squalane based products, provide essential plant derived nutrients that encourage cell turnover and increase collagen production and importantly, moisture retention. 

It keeps your skin hydrated & moisturised!

Even though Squalane is technically an Oil, it does not have an oily feel to it. It has no odour and is non-comedogenic, which means that it will not clog pores. This ingredient is also believed to have anti-bacterial properties, which may reduce the symptoms of existing acne without causing redness, stinging, or peeling.

Products that contain Squalane also tend to absorb slowly into the skin and may be more effective for sensitive skin, as the oil has been clinically proven to be non-irritating. Much like vitamin E, Squalane creates a barrier between the skin and the environment so the skin can better retain moisture as it protects the external layer of the epidermis at the same time.

Squalane is very versatile as it can be incorporated into a base ingredient for a natural body lotion, facial serum, eye creme and even in a lip balm. It offers protection from UV rays; it is an antioxidant and will help to prevent age spots or hyperpigmentation. It is delicate enough to be used around the eyes and because it also has antibacterial properties, it can be used in a cuticle creme or butter.

Using Squalane for pigmentation

Many skin care experts have found that Squalane has a number of positive effects on uneven skin pigmentation, scars, and age spots. Like retinol, this oil is believed to fight free radicals in the skin that are caused by the sun’s UV rays. This is important, as dark spots on the face and hands are often caused by the skin’s reaction to long-term exposure to the sun, which creates more melanin in those areas to protect it. The use of beauty products that contain Squalane may fade these marks over time because of the oil’s ability to sink deep into the skin and repair it.

In a nutshell, there isn’t a lot this powerful ingredient can’t do for our skin, below are a few further benefits of using Squalane Oil in our skincare:

  • Helps to boost cellular regeneration and oxygenation
  • Highly stable against oxidation
  • Speeds the healing of the skin
  • Heals chapped and cracked skin
  • Natural antibacterial properties
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Relieves dehydrated and ultra-sensitive skin
  • Softens rough-textured skin, leaving no oily residue
  • Helpful in counteracting Eczema, Psoriasis, and post-operative skin

Which Pevonia products contain Squalane Oil?

Home-Use Products 

Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

Perfect for restoring skin moisture and elasticity, this dry oil contains Vitamin A, E and D along with Squalane, Aloe and other oils. Skin is left silky without greasy residue. Use after shower or bath. £36.00 (200ml)

Age-Correction Marine Collagen Cream

Silky-textured, this cream enhances skin appearance by combining Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Squalane and more, to moisturise and repair, so that lines and wrinkles are minimised. It brings the epidermis the nourishing elements necessary to help slow down the ageing process. Recommended for deeply dehydrated skin with dry tendency. £71 (50ml) 

Age Correction Marine Elastin Cream

A fine textured cream, which works on preserving and improving skin elasticity and tightness. Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane and Aloe provide the perfect combination for delivering results. UV protection. Recommended for all skin types with lack of elasticity. £71 (50ml)

Age Correction Refining Marine DNA Cream

An exceptionally fine and uniform emulsion for better penetrability, absorbency, and results. Rich in deoxyribonucleic acid (d.n.a.) and hyaluronic acid, this cream helps tighten the pores by improving the skin’s elasticity, resulting in a smoother and finer skin texture with a completely matt finish. UV protection. Recommended for dehydrated skin with dilated pores and uneven texture. £71 (50ml)

Age Correction Eye Contour

A radical treatment to fight wrinkles, crepiness and slackening of the eyelids. Containing Collagen, Elastin, Squalane Oil and Hyaluronic Acid this non-greasy fluid is nourishing, regenerating and moisturising. Green Tea Extract offers anti-irritant, whilst Vitamin E provides a feeling of freshness and anti-fatigue. £69 (30ml)

LipRenew Plump & De-age

Pevonia's LipRenew™ Plump & De-age Treatment effectively combines the volumising capabilities of Sesamum Indicum seed extract with anti-ageing plumping, hydrating and wrinkle smoothing ingredients. It works to accelerate the rejuvenation of ageing signs around lips and nasolabial folds, while restoring the underlying structure of the entire area. £50 (15ml)

Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream

This exquisite triphase cream was developed by incorporating one of the latest discovered natural ingredients: Pear Seed Extract. Since its recent discovery, scientific studies and evaluations have proven this extract rich in every vital component necessary for skin preservation. £48 (50ml)

Vitaminic Concentrate

This radical treatment for dryness and dehydration is a non-greasy, light textured oil, rich with the highest concentration of Vitamins. Vitamin E is regenerating and an excellent anti-oxidant. Vitamin D combats premature ageing, while improving skin texture. Azulene offers soothing benefits; Squalane will hydrate the skin, while Mandarin Essential Oil brightens the complexion. Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin. £37.30 (15ml).

Ligne Tropicale

Two body care products offering visible anti-ageing results by delivering groundbreaking organic phyto-extracts anti-ageing therapy. Nourish and repair your skin by counteracting premature ageing and sun damage with smoothing and rejuvenating benefits, and firm and brighten your skin by counteracting ageing, even the skin tone and receive invigorating and diuretic benefits. Prolong youthfulness by integrating this effective daily body ritual at home.

De-aging Saltmousse – Papaya-Pineapple: £52 (200ml)

De-aging Body Balm – Papaya-Pineapple: £66 (150ml)

Spa Treatments

Luminous C & Sea Facial

A potent blend of stabilised Vitamin ‘C’ combines with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze-dried Seaweed and Squalane Oil. This facial is ideal for reducing fine lines, strengthening elasticity and providing relief for dull, sun-damaged skin. The refreshing, soft lift-off mask will restore a youthful appearance as the complexion is renewed, firmed and left extremely smooth, rendering the skin nothing but luminous. Recommended to delay the signs of ageing and to lighten and brighten a dull, sallow skin.

Escutox® Freeze-Dried Anti-Wrinkle Facial Treatment

Upgrade your facial with Escutox®, Pevonia’s exclusive formulation of hibiscus extract, which has been freeze-dried to preserve the active ingredients to deliver outstanding results. Designed to stimulate the nerve endings, Escutox® will repair the skin; relax wrinkles, increase hydration and skin’s suppleness with the use of Squalane oil, which will result in a visibly youthful complexion. Recommended for mature skin types.

SkinFit Facial For Him

This treatment introduces the latest proven-effective anti-ageing discovery specifically formulated for him.  This unique tri-phase treatment combines rejuvenating Caviar and repairing freeze-dried Escutox™ to replenish the skin while counteracting the signs of ageing, razor burn, folliculitis and sensitivity. Results are visible and will promote healthy, youthful skin with a rejuvenated appearance.  Formulated especially for the needs of male skin, this treatment is a must for any man concerned with skincare.

Anti-free Radicals Facial

Repair your skin while deeply nourishing and replenishing the complexion from the harsh effects of free-radical damage. This effective clay thermal mask first warms encouraging the absorption of vitamins into your skin, then cools to seal the rejuvenating benefits. Micro-emulsified Vitamins A and E maximise your skin’s protection against free-radicals and premature ageing. Your complexion feels velvety-smooth and deeply hydrated with improved texture and refined pores. Excellent for Dry, Dehydrated skins.

Neck & Décolleté Anti-Free Radicals Treatment

Firm & Smooth your delicate neck and decollete which often evidently reveal the signs of ageing. This effective clay thermal mask first warms encouraging the absorption of vitamins into your skin, then cools to seal the rejuvenating benefits. Micro-emulsified Vitamins A and E maximise your skin's protection against free-radicals and premature ageing. Allow the active extracts to smooth and tighten while hydrating these fragile areas.

LipRenew™ Plump & De-Age Treatment

Highly active, Pevonia’s LipRenew™ Plump & De-Age Treatment works instantly to increase lip volume while visibly smoothing the lip contour and reduce lines and wrinkles. A proven-effective power-pout blend of Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Sesame Seed Extract, and other key ingredients delivers an instant lift and blurs imperfections for fuller, sexier lips! Ideal for: Those wanting plump, luscious lips and those concerned with wrinkles and folds. An ideal complement to any Pevonia Facial.

The above treatments are offered at Pevonia spas and the homecare products can be bought from





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