How Do I make My Eyes Look More Youthful?

How Do I make My Eyes Look More Youthful?

The most common issues that affect our eyes are wrinkles, crepiness, crow’s feet, fine lines, puffiness, sagging, loss of elasticity and dark circles.

Phew, quite a list, but there ARE ways of addressing these concerns, with both prevention and reduction in mind.

Here comes the science…dark shadows around the eyes are the result of a build-up of Haemoglobin, a complex protein containing iron that, when stagnated in the blood, tints the blood purple; behind the fragile, translucent eye-contour this is extremely noticeable. This stagnation is caused by the lymph capillaries not doing their job of pumping blood and lymph freely around the body.

Dark shadows can also be hereditary and are a result of the human pigment supplier melanin being in high supply in that one area. Pevonia’s ‘C’ Evolutive Eye Gelimproves circulation as well as lightening and brightening this delicate region. For those who suffer with hyper-pigmentation around the eye, Pevonia’s Evolutive Eye Cream is a more appropriate product to use due to its Vitamin C content.

Fine lines and crow’s feet are often a result of dehydration and of course natural human expressions; smiling is the biggest culprit, hence the term ‘laughter lines’. This can be addressed with Pevonia’s Evolutive Eye Cream, which smooth and firms the eye contour. To visibly brighten, diminish dark circles and eases puffiness around the eyes, Pevonia’s lumafirm® Eye Contour Lift & Glow with its Biomimetic* Liposomic Technology works deeply to visibly smooth lines and wrinkles.

To conceal dark circles and repair the skin, Pevonia’s new EyeRenew™ Conceal & De-Age Treatment is the perfect product. A self-adjusting mineral tint, it also diminishes redness and smooths out lines and wrinkles with one application. 

Skin will look refreshed, feel revived and will repair from the inside out. 

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