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How do I Achieve Luscious Lips?

How do I Achieve Luscious Lips?

Pout Power – How do I Achieve Luscious Lips?

Plump, youthful, smooth – the list can go on and on about how we want our lips to look.

More importantly, natural. No fillers here!

Achieving all of the above is possible, give the time and care your lips deserve with these tips from Pevonia…

Our poor lips sometimes get overlooked when it comes to skincare. They are the first point of contact for food irritants, drinks and environmental damage, but have little protection against these as they contain no oil or sweat glands.

The skin found on your lips is extremely thin and fragile, people often believe that when they lick their lips it hydrates them, but in reality, it does the opposite. When saliva dries, it removes natural moisture found on the lips, this explains why the more you lick your lips – the drier they become.

Taking simple extra steps in your skincare routine will help to ensure lips stay hydrated and protected and look years younger.

Exfoliate Lips

Products such as moisturisers and makeup will work far more effectively and look better if there's no dead skin build-up. Removing the dead, dry skin will expose the fresh new skin, ensuring products penetrate the delicate area and makeup last longer. Make sure to use specific lip scrubs as they are formulated to be gentle on this sensitive area.

Target Dehydration

Lip dehydration affects most of us, as the majority of moisture-loss often occurs in people who spend a lot of time outdoors (wind and sun) or indoors with air conditioning and central heating. Some types of makeup can also result in dehydrating the lips, as ingredients such as S.D. Alcohol are sometimes found in lip glosses and lipsticks.

Try using lip creams, serums and treatments after exfoliating to put back moisture and much needed nutrients.


When we age our lips lose volume, pliability and appear smaller/thinner; while natural movements, gesturing and lifestyle habits can cause the imprint of fine lines and wrinkles that can lead to changes in facial expression and lipstick bleed.

Latest research has found that using sesamin-rich Sesamum Indicum seed extract obtained from sesame seeds, is a potent stimulator of the stages of adipogenesis (fat cells storage), and can increase lipid synthesis and storage capacity by 30.2%, demonstrating lipofilling action. So basically, lips appear fuller and plumper and with regular use, stay plumper for longer.

Products to Use

Ideally, your lip products need to contain ingredients which fortify and soften the skin, while also combating wrinkles and encourage a smooth, tight skin surface.

Choose product which contain Retinol, a derivative of Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) which is easily absorbed by the skin and encourages hydroretention, and Bois Oil sphérulites. These are rich in phospholipids, glycolipids, triglycerides, Vitamins A, E and C, and is proven effective as a skin hydrator that improves suppleness.

Pevonia’s LipRenew™ Plump & De-age Treatment, is one to consider using as it effectively combines the volumising capabilities of Sesamum Indicum seed extract with anti-ageing plumping, hydrating and wrinkle smoothing ingredients such as: Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Squalane and Shea Butter.

Pevonia’s Rapid-Restore Lip Balm  features a unique texture, lusciously crafted, to gently exfoliate your lips and lip contour. Its triple action de-ageing formula activates with the warmth of the lips, melting and absorbing to quickly reach all targeted areas. It contains Vitamins C & E, Olus Oil and Shea Butter which blend with Dipalmitoyl Hydroxproline; a natural lipo-amino acid derived from Coconut Oil & Egg Collagen Protein, to stimulate collagen synthesis.

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