Going Vegan for January?

Going Vegan for January?

Going Vegan for January?

by Kati Vardon


I covered the rise in veganism and vegan beauty in my blog in September but it is appropriate to revisit it now, with ‘Veganuary’ safely on the calendar since it’s appearance in 2014 - through the UK non-profit organisation of the same name. According to their website, approximately 250,000 people, in the UK alone, went vegan for the month in 2019.

New for 2020?

If you haven’t already tried a vegan diet, then January might be the perfect time to try. It will be featured as a New Year Resolution for many people, this year.

What is Veganism?

People have been consuming a vegan only diet for decades. The Vegan Society was founded in 1944, but evidence of veganism goes back over 2,000 years. The non-dairy vegetarians defined ‘veganism’ and this definition changed a little over time. In 1988 the charity amended the phasing and it remains the same today. It is  . . . a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

Why the Increase in Veganism?

The choice has gone beyond preventing the exploitation of animals, although this is still the number one reason for people staying vegan. Other reasons include health and environmental factors.

What are the Advantages to the Planet?

According to findings from research conducted by the University of Oxford, cutting meat and dairy products from an individual’s diet could reduce their carbon footprint by up to 73%. It also found that meat and dairy production is responsible for 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cuts in production would free up land, providing the potential for more wild land and reducing the loss of natural habitats. In addition, water use would drop (livestock consumes more fresh water than almost anything else) and the water quality would be improved due to the reduction in livestock pollutants reaching the water.

Will I Get the Nutrients I Need?

Well-planned vegan diets contain all the nutrients our bodies need. Like all diets, you should eat a variety of different foods, albeit plant-based in this case, to incorporate the valuable vitamins and nutrients your body requires. There are plant-based swaps available for most of the animal ingredients you can think of and vegan recipes are in abundance.

Following a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be healthier than those who don’t. You still need to make the right choices.

Making a Start

If you feel that veganism is, or could be, for you, just give it a go. There is so much help and support online, and in books and magazines. January is a perfect time to commit for just one month. If you feel that it is still too much, just try it for two days a week and look at swapping some of your animal-based ingredients with their plant-based alternatives. Think about why you wanted to go this route in the first place and the positivity it can bring.


Beyond Diet

Of course, as mentioned previously, veganism goes way beyond the food and drink you consume. It is a lifestyle choice and one where you will start to re-examine various elements of your life. From how you spend your time, to what you wear and what you put on your skin.

Vegan Skincare

In order to be classified as ‘vegan’, skincare products must not contain anything derived from animals. This includes collagen, retinol, honey, beeswax, etc. When choosing products, check the ingredients contained within them and if in doubt, contact the manufacturers to verify what’s in that tube, bottle or jar.

Pevonia’s Vegan Products

Spa brand, Pevonia, is known for being free from:

SLS. GMOs. PABA. Urea. Lanolin. Formaldehyde. Alcohol. Parabens. Mineral Oil. Gluten. Artificial Colours. Artificial Fragrance. Cruelty.

The list of vegan skincare products, offered by Pevonia, continues to grow. Please see below for further details of the current retail products.

Vegan products are also used within the professional treatments, these include Anti-Free Radicals, Luminous “C” & “Sea” and RS2 Facial Mask Treatments.


At-home – For the Face

Aqua-Gel Foaming Cleanser (Men’s Line)

Balancing Combination Skin Cream (Combination Skin Line))

‘C’ Complexe with Oxyzomes (Combination Skin Line))

Combination Skin Cleanser (Combination Skin Line)

Dry Skin Cleanser (Dry Skin Line)

Easy Glide Shaving Emulsion (Men’s Line)

Enzymo-Sphérides® Peeling Cream (Special Line)

Eye Make-Up Remover (Eye Line)

Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (Special Line)

Hydrating Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Sun Line)

Lumafirm® Repair Cream – Lift & Glow (Lumafirm Line)

Mattifying Oily Skin Cream (Oily Skin Line)

Micro-Pores Bio-Active Serum (Power Repair® Age-Correction Line)

Micro-Pores Refine Cream (Power Repair® Age-Correction Line)

Micro-Retinol® Essential Foaming Cleanser (Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol)

Micro-Retinol® Essential Toner (Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol)

Phyto-Aromatic Mist (Sun Line)

Phyto-Gel Cleanser (Oily Skin Line)

Radiance Bright Skin Green Apple Mask (Radiance Line)

Radiance Pure Skin Charcoal Mask (Radiance Line)

Reactive Skin Care Cream (Special Line)

Rejuvenating Vitaminic Concentrate (Dry Skin Line)

Renewing Glycocides Cream (Lightening Line)

RS2 Care Cream (RS2 Line)

RS2 Concentrate (RS2 Line)

RS2 Gentle Cleanser (RS2 Line)

RS2 Gentle Lotion (RS2 Line)

Sensitive Skin Cleanser (Sensitive Skin Line)

Sensitive Skin Lotion (Sensitive Skin Line)

Soothing After Shaving Balm (Men’s Line)

Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser (Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Line)


At-home – For the Body

After Sun Soothing Gel (Sun Line)

Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel

BodyRenew® Bath Salts – all varieties

BodyRenew®Body Moisturiser – all varieties

BodyRenew® Bubble Bath – all varieties

Dry Oil Body Moisturiser

Lumafirm® Body Moisturiser (Lumafirm Body Firm & Glow)

Preserve Body Moisturiser

Seaweed Exfoliating Soap

Silky Skin Body Scrub

Smooth & Tone Body-Svelt Cream

Stem Cell Phyto-Elite® Intensive Body Corrector (Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Body Line)

Tension Relief Gel


For details on your local Pevonia spa or salon, please go to https://www.pevonia.co.uk/spa-finder

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