FAQ - What is the best skin care remedy? | Pevonia

FAQ - What is the best skin care remedy? | Pevonia

As skincare evolves, new products and treatments are developed to address a wide array of differing issues.

Pevonia is proud to be at the forefront with the Prescriptive Facial, an innovative and illustrious combination of science and therapy that leads the way in prescriptive skincare. 

Pevonia’s Prescriptive Facial is a world renowned, award-winning example of prescriptive skincare in action. It has received multiple commendations throughout the beauty industry. Pevonia places emphasis on the importance of prescriptive skincare in achieving the best possible results for the skin; condition, lifestyle, skin type and client needs are all taken into account during the process. This enables Pevonia therapists to consider and respond to both internal and external factors in their in-depth analysis, so enabling them to prescribe the most suitable products to achieve long-term, stable and visible results.

The Prescriptive Facial is unique because Pevonia therapists use their training and expertise to judge which Pevonia products will give the best results based on each client’s individual needs and skin condition, creating an intuitive balance between deeply relaxing and sensual spa care and highly visible, tailored and desirable results.  This facial includes a professional skin diagnosis, deep cleansing, ampoule, massage and mask, making it an ideal introduction to the unadulterated and active products within the Pevonia range and a truly dynamic skincare experience.
Pevonia offers an extensive selection of professional facial treatments that effectively target and care for specific skin conditions, providing solutions for every skin problem and ensuring maximum professional care with exceptionally visible results. Prescriptive, results driven skincare is becoming increasingly popular and Pevonia’s Prescriptive Facial is an innovative leader in this field, providing men and woman of every age and ethnicity with healthy, beautiful skin.

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