Essential Prescriptive Facials

Highly trained, certified skincare specialists provide an in-depth skin analysis, followed by the ideal recommendations best suited for your specific needs. Holistic aspects are also incorporated to ensure you feel relaxed, nourished and refreshed both throughout and after your visit.

Treatment of the Month

Elasto-Firm Facial:

  • A non-surgical firming facial rich in Elastin. 
  • Puts the spring back in your skin.
  • Increases skin firmness and suppleness.
  • Deeply hydrating.
  • Excellent post-surgical treatment.

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Product of the Month

Firming Marine Elastin Cream:

  • A fine textured cream to improve skin elasticity. 
  • Tightens skin texture.
  • Increases epidermal moisture level.
  • Firms and smoothes the epidermis.

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